MoonX – Hybrid Exchange for Cross-Border Cross-Assets Trading, is the only candidate poised to execute SuperNode in South Asia!

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MoonXwithEOS takes an
Integrated and Holistic approach to develop EOS

MoonXwithEOS Asia's EOS Supernode

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MoonXwithEOS has collaborated with Dapp Developers and other Block Producers to develop and promoted EOSIO Dapp community

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Nithin Palavalli

CEO, MoonXwithEOS


Tony Lee

CFO, MoonXwithEOS


Rahi Racharla

CTO, MoonXwithEOS


Anil Kumar

VP, MoonXwithEOS

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The Phemi

News Content Ecosystem on EOS Blockchian

The Phemi will monetize the time and efforts spent by contributors and readers to build a decentralized value sharing community.

Readers – Mining by Engagement

Monetizing digital content consumption through The Phemi Mining by Engagement protocol that will incentivize readers for engaging.

Publishers – Mining by Contribution

The Phemi will uproot the commoditization of content through The Phemi Mining by Contribution protocol that will incentivize publishers for publishing.

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