Statement of Ownership

MoonX-EOS is incorporated in London, to ensure that we have full political independence from any potentially jurisdiction that might become hostile in the future. Additionally MoonX-EOS is 100% owned by its founder members:

Dr. Nithin Palavalli— Head of Strategy
Rahi Racharla — Head of Technology
Tony Lee — Head of Finance
Anil Kumar— Head of Operation

The MoonX-EOS Constitution

MoonX-EOS team will support and defend the guidelines and governance set forth by the EOS Constitution. By defending the EOS Constitution we are defending the rights of EOS Community, the token holders and the viability of the network on a global scale.

Paid Staff and Volunteers

MoonX-EOS currently has an in-house team that drives the public relations of BP via social media initiatives and offline events. We also have a network of volunteers that contribute with the organization of events and Open Source Dapp creation.

Building BLOCKS

MoonX-EOS will be producing blocks strictly adhering to the guidelines formed by EOS community, maintaining and upgrading infrastructure quickly and securely. Block rewards will go first to the ongoing development and growth of that system.